15 04, 2016

Proposed Legislation Intended to Provide Servicemen with Ease of Work and Living Creates Issues for Community Associations and Landlords


Senate Bill 184 is set to be presented to Governor Scott for his signature.  This bill, in part, addresses the rental of property to “servicemembers,” and applies to condominiums, cooperatives, homeowner associations, and landlords.  If signed into law, the bill would become Florida Statute Section 83.683.

The pertinent section of Fla. Stat. 83.683 requires a landlord,

4 01, 2016
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New Year, New Legislation Relating to Community Associations


With the new legislative session beginning January 12th, 2016, we begin the New Year introducing new proposed legislation relating to community associations and note their possible effects on community associations. Representative John Cortes filed three separate bills in late November that aim to redefine the roles of several association departments, boards, and regulations.

HB 667: Aims

19 10, 2015
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Levying Fines for Associations


Levying fines can be a useful tool for community associations when trying to enforce their rules and covenants.  However, many associations do not levy fines correctly subjecting them to challenge.  Earlier this year, the Florida legislature passed HB 791, which clarified the proper way for associations to levy fines.  The bill makes clear only the Board