Eminent domain creeps into public view every so often as Florida looks for ways to continue to improve roads and also serve environmental interests. Soon the Florida Department of Transportation proposed that $617 million should be set aside next year to purchase right of way for road and bridge expansions, improvements, and construction.

With a growing population and a focus on drawing revenue to the state through tourism, it’s no wonder that a need for road expansion is of significant concern to the state. If you are a community association, could any of your common area be available for the state to utilize – even if you have no intentions of selling? It could be, since the established principles of eminent domain allow for the state to acquire land that is deemed necessary for a project from communities or private owners, as long as fair compensation is made.

While the state has big plans for Florida’s roadways, it remains to be seen just where and when projects will appear. If you are a community association facing an eminent domain issue, AriasBosinger has the experience and legal knowledge to help negotiate an equitable settlement. As your eminent domain lawyer in Orlando, we will work to protect your interests.