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Local Landlord/Tenant Dispute Hits Social Media

A Winter Garden apartment complex recently made headlines by including a social media addendum in their contract, which could cost each tenant $10,000 upon breach. The reaction by both residents and non-residents was nothing short of outrage. As your Central Florida tenant/landlord attorneys, we couldn’t help but take notice of this interesting and peculiar case.

In an attempt to curb a negative online reputation, the addendum forbid Windermere Cay Complex tenants to speak or comment negatively about the apartment complex online. Ironically, they’ve received incredible backlash on social media, seemingly the exact opposite of their intentions.

The addendum went as far as to take away a tenant’s rights to any photos taken of the complex, leading one tenant to fear the complex would own any photos taken of guests within his apartment. When the story initially broke, non-residents flocked to the Internet to post poor reviews and comments in retaliation of this totalitarian landlord approach. Though the addendum would not likely hold up in court, the property management team admitted that a previous partner had put it in place and that they did not support the continued use of the addendum.

At AriasBosinger we know that landlord/tenant situations can get sticky quickly. If you have a question or concern regarding your contract, don’t hesitate to call your dedicated tenant/landlord attorneys located right here in Central Florida.

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