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Association Collections

Our collections approach is to efficiently, economically and aggressively recover assessments using individually tailored legal strategies for each account. Our approach ensures a steady collection of assessments and promotes the overall health of your association.

We know that the key to successful assessment collection is the timely exchange of reliable and accurate information between AriasBosinger, the board members, and the managers regarding a collection account. To that end, we streamline collections services and allow clients and managers to check online the status of delinquent accounts in collections. Our systems are available as an online application, offering access to each individual collection account 24/7, 365 days a year with real-time information and up-to-the-minute status reports, including protected and personalized access, as well as an ability to view documents, dues, and liens filed on the account at the touch of a button. These tools will allow you to access account information at your convenience, and provide you with a resource that holds us accountable through an ability to view and monitor all progress being made in real-time.

While the above tools are invaluable to our clients, we also appreciate clients sometimes want to meet with their attorney to collaborate and inquire about their accounts. AriasBosinger is proud to offer free attendance at closed board member meetings to discuss collection strategies and account statuses.