Billing Solutions

AriasBosinger understands that community associations are not-for-profit entities with many challenges, including the budgeting and payment of legal services.  Just as we recognize each legal matter requires individualized legal strategies – so too do we recognize that billing arrangements should be tailored to the needs of each individual client. We offer flexible and reasonable billing arrangements that allow our clients to afford high-quality legal counsel at competitive rates.


Flat Fee Billing

Many of the services we provide our clients are flat fee based.  With no hidden charges, our flat fees offer clients a measure of predictability.  Flat fee services can be billed on monthly or on a deferred basis depending on client preference.

Deferred Billing

We are proud to offer our clients deferred billing for assessment collection and pre-litigation covenant enforcement matters.  Deferred billing means you receive the benefits of flat fees, but are not invoiced until we finish the job. AriasBosinger makes every effort to collect its fees directly from the delinquent or violating homeowner. This means clients rarely receive an invoice.  Some clients also prefer deferred billing as a means to incentivize efficient case resolution.

Stage Billing

While rare, sometimes attorney fees are uncollectable from the delinquent or violating homeowner.  The reasons vary, but can include the association taking title to a property at the foreclosure sale or settlement of the case.  In order to properly budget legal expenses, some clients prefer to avoid receiving one invoice for all services at the end of a case.  However, they also prefer not to deal with monthly bills.  AriasBosinger’s Stage Billing arrangement is the answer.  When certain targets in a case are met an invoice is generated.  Affordable, efficient and simple.


AriasBosinger’s Annual Full Service Plan offers a comprehensive bundle of legal services to community association clients. The annual fee is based on the size and complexity of your association.

Services covered by the Plan include:

Unlimited Telephone Contact

All telephone calls between the firm and the association (including designated members of the Board of Directors and your management agent) are included under the fixed Plan fee. AriasBosinger believes that telephone contact without hourly charges is an incredible value to the relationship. Clients can minimize or avoid legal problems by getting preventative advice before an issue becomes serious.

Complimentary Governing Document Review and Consultation

An initial board consultation and legal review is offered during the first year of the Plan agreement. The goal of this consultation is to assist the association’s board in reviewing its governing documents, fiduciary responsibilities, practices, procedures and identify potential issues within the governing documents. Prior to the consultation, we will conduct a title search of your community, identify and organize all the community’s governing documents, and provide you a written analysis of issues we identify within your documents.  Then the consultation will give the association an opportunity to ask questions and allow us to learn about your specific needs and goals.

Limited Complimentary Amendment Service

Over the years, we have identified some of our clients’ most common document amendment requests.  As part of our Annual Full Service Plan, the firm will identify whether a client can benefit from these amendments, and, upon request, we will draft the appropriate amendments and implementation documents.

Registered Agent Services

One of the firm’s attorneys will serve as registered agent for your association.  The fixed Plan fee covers the State’s administrative costs associated with changing the association’s current designation. Our service also includes the filing of annual reports and accepting service of process pertaining to lawsuits against the association.

Auditor Response Letters

One of the firm’s attorneys will review your accountant’s audit letter request, review your association’s accounts, and draft a response letter to your accountant to assist with the association’s financial audits. 

Attendance at Board and Member Meetings

Upon request, one of our attorney’s will attend your board or member meeting to answer legal questions and assist with conducting the meeting.

Reduced Rates for Hourly Services

For clients on our Annual Full Service Plan, we provide certain services outside the Plan at reduced hourly rates.