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AriasBosinger understands the potential downsides to litigation. Litigation can be costly and uncertain. Litigation can drain an association’s time and resources. An unsuccessful outcome in a dispute can cause immeasurable harm to future operations. To reduce those risks, our attorneys creatively seek solutions that make sound legal and business sense and help our clients resolve disputes on favorable terms. Our education, experience and background are invaluable in devising sound strategies to help clients achieve their goals.

However, when alternative solutions are inadequate – taking decisive, effective legal action can make a major difference in the ultimate outcome of your dispute. So too can the attorney you choose to represent you. With decades combined litigation experience, our attorneys provide strategic representation for associations throughout the area.

We represent community associations in a wide array of litigation disputes, including: construction defects, member disputes, vender disputes, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, commercial and residential real estate disputes, and third party claims. AriasBosinger also represents community associations in collection actions, bankruptcies, and mortgage foreclosures.